About Dr. Muehsam and Transformational MedicineTM

About Dr. Muehsam and Transformational MedicineTM

Patricia A. Muehsam, MD is the Founder of Transformational Medicine™, a whole person approach to healing, wellness and living.

About Transformational MedicineTM

Central themes of Dr. Muehsam’s work are self-empowerment, self-healing and the inherent and ubiquitous role of consciousness in all aspects of our lives. On health, she views illness or “dis-ease” as a signal from within, offering an individual the opportunity for healing and growth on many levels.

Healing and wellness extend far beyond the notion of fixing the physical body:  Transformational Medicine™ is about transforming one’s life. Her approach offers tools and resources for all aspects of one’s life experience: health, relationships, finances, life path, spiritual and/or metaphysical concerns.

About Dr. Muehsam

Dr. Muehsam’s Transformational Medicine™ approach has evolved from both her professional and personal journeys. For more details about her personal jouney, click here.

Dr. Muehsam’s Professional Activities

Dr. Muehsam’s professional activities include individual health and wellness services, workshops, teleseminars and webinars, medical education, writing, public speaking, consulting and scientific research.

Practitioner: Healing and Wellness Services

Dr. Muehsam’s Transformational Medicine™  approach is a whole person approach that addresses the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of one’s life experience.  Her work draws from Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, the medical therapeutic applications of yoga, and also from contemporary mindbody medicine practices. She also uses allopathic and functional medicine approaches where appropriate.

Dr. Muehsam’s practitioner services include health consultations and mindbody healing sessions.

Her health consultations combine her extensive knowledge with her intuitive abilities to develop an individualized healing plan for each client. Among the tools she uses are individualized nutrition, herbal medicine, homeopathy, acupuncture, electromagnetic technologies, energy medicine techniques, mindbody techniques, yoga, pranayama, vibrionics, intention and lifestyle recommendations, as well as functional medicine digestive analysis.

Her mindbody healing sessions are individualized, guided sessions using a variety of mindbody medicine and energy medicine tools to access one’s inner healing process and to release any blocks to doing so.

Her practitioner services are available in person, via telephone and Skype.

To inquire about these services, click here.

Workshops, Teleseminars, Webinars

Dr. Muehsam offers workshops, seminars and webinars. Topics include Food as Medicine, Breathing, MeditationLifestyle as Medicine, Emotions and Health, Journaling for Self-Healing, and other Mindbody Medicine practices. She customizes offerings for individual groups and organizations. To inquire about these services, click here.

Medical Education

Dr. Muehsam is a pioneer in the field of medical education. In the early 1990’s, she founded the Association of American Medical Colleges’ first initiative for curriculum development in alternative and complementary medicine and led this initiative since its formation. Her efforts laid the groundwork for curriculum development in alternative and complementary medicine at medical schools throughout the United States. Dr. Muehsam has presented nationally and internationally as an invited speaker on medical education.

Locally, in New York City, she started The Mount Sinai School of Medicine’s first curriculum in alternative and complementary medicine. Students from Mount Sinai and other medical schools in the United States and overseas have studied with Dr. Muehsam to learn about these practices and her unique approach to health and healing. She has also been involved in continuing medical education for physicians and other health care providers, lecturing for these groups throughout the nation.

An important theme of Dr. Muehsam’s teaching work is self-care for the healer. She offers and encourages experiences for her students that reflect her Transformational Medicine™ approach to healing, wellness and living.

Currently, she offers courses and lectures for physicians, medical students and other health care professionals. To inquire about courses and lecture topics, click here.


Dr. Muehsam writes on topics related to healing, wellness and living. She has written articles and blogged for The Epoch Times (see Writings) and blogs here on her website. She is currently working on book projects that detail her Transformational Medicine™ healing, wellness and living philosophy, as well as practical tools for navigating one’s life path.

Scientific Research

Dr. Muehsam has been involved in laboratory research investigating mind-matter and mind-body interactions. Her research activities reflect both her passion for basic science, and her commitment to using the tools of science to investigate the veracity of many phenomena not yet well characterized and understood by the mainstream biomedical community.

She has initiated and directed original research at The Mount Sinai School of Medicine. This work has focused on employing the tools of the basic sciences, primarily bioelectromagnetics, to investigate intentionality, the healer phenomenon, and Qigong. Past studies have included the effects of Qigong on myosin phosphorylation and various physicochemical systems; more recently she has been involved in explorations of trance medium, spiritual, and psychic healing phenomena. She has published her work and traveled nationally and internationally, presenting her research at professional medical and scientific meetings.

Currently, her research involves continued explorations of mind, emotions and consciousness and the relationships of these to health, healing and the continuum of our human experience. To inquire about her research activities, click here.

Public Speaking

Dr. Muehsam offers lectures and workshops for academia, professional, corporate, non-profit and general service organizations. She customizes offerings for individual groups and organizations. To inquire about her public speaking services, click here.


Dr. Muehsam consults for academia, professional, corporate, non-profits and general service organizations. To inquire about her consulting services, click here.

Dr. Muehsam’s Personal Journey

Dr. Muehsam is the fifth generation of physicians on her father’s side, who was a German Jewish holocaust survivor and cardiologist. Her childhood was marked by her father’s stroke at the young age of 49. She bore witness to his experiences with a number of unconventional therapeutic approaches that  defied medical beliefs about stroke rehabilitation and prognosis. These experiences impacted tremendously on how she came to understand illness, healing, and the limits of the current biomedical paradigm.

Fundamental to her pursuit of studies beyond traditional Western medicine were her early experiences with explorations of the seemingly inexplicable and incongruous; in particular, her study of physics and philosophy of science as an undergraduate, as well as numerous “out of body” or “paranormal” experiences she has had since childhood.

Dr. Muehsam’s decision to pursue Western medical training was a means to an end; her sole intention at the onset was to explore healing traditions beyond allopathy, and to serve as a bridge and a catalyst for the development and application of an expanded healing paradigm.

Her personal story has played a huge role in the professional path that she has taken. Faced with a number of life-challenging health issues, Dr. Muehsam was led to study and directly experience many different healing systems and approaches. Learning to heal herself was a crucial stepping stone towards her understanding more deeply the possibilities for and nature of healing.

Amongst those approaches that she has explored along her way are traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, the medical therapeutic applications of yoga, mindbody medicine, homeopathy, electromagnetic device technologies, body-centered healing practices and spiritual healing. An essential aspect of Dr. Muehsam’s journey is been her dedicated yoga and meditation practice of many years; these have supported and informed her experiences of health, wellbeing, and navigating her life path.

Ultimately, she has come to understand health and well-being as synonymous with peace of mind. Music has always been an essential and integral part of Dr. Muehsam’s life, since childhood. She has studied piano, flute and voice from a young age, and was a double major in music and science/philosophy of science as an undergraduate. Her recent musical activities include solo and group vocal jazz, gospel, and choral music of all the Classical genres, from early Medieval to Baroque, to Twentieth Century. She performs with various groups at varied venues in the New York city area.

Overarching themes in both Dr. Muehsam’s professional practice and in her personal life are the importance of mindfulness and presence, of play and ease, and of compassion for self. A sense of connection to both nature and to the ineffable spiritual realms are significant and essential elements of her life experience.

She currently resides in New York city, relishes time spent in the nearby urban oasis of Central Park, is sister to a dear and wonderful brother, David, and is Mom to an eternal puppy, an adopted Golden Retriever named Benjamin.