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Reflections on Mother Day….

Published on 05/06/2016

Hi Everyone, I’m writing this on a sunny Mother’s Day in New York City, wishing to all of you who are mothers, a very special day.  And for those of you who are not, a very special day, as well. Hoping that what follows can be helpful to you on your journey: it’s about how […]

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Reflections on a New Year

Published on 12/30/2015

Hi Everyone, Just a few thoughts on our entrance into 2016.  Hoping these can be interesting and helpful to you. As I’ve been reflecting on the eve of the New Year, I’m taking pause to be a little gentler, a little softer, a little easier on myself.  And I offer you the suggestion to do […]

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December 25, New York. I awoke to a quiet and sleepy city. Spring-like weather. And Christmas for many. My usual routine was sidetracked by my happening upon a recent piece in The Boston Globe about end of life care. Interestingly, it was written by the CEO of Massachusetts Blue Cross Blue Shield. It’s a poignant […]

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In Part 1, I described how both ancient wisdom and modern science teach us that holding  anger can cause disease and that freeing ourselves from anger’s grip can heal us. Here in Part 2, are the how-to’s:  how to access and feel the feelings; how to shift the feelings; how to experience forgiveness. Reflecting again […]

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Hi Everyone, Current events of the past several months inspired me to put fingers to the keyboard: the church shootings in Charleston, South Carolina, and the trial and verdict in the Boston marathon bombing. Both matters led to much discussion in the media from both sides of the aisle: from those who demanded an eye […]

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On Healers and Healing

Published on 07/06/2014

Hi Everyone, Every six weeks or so I send out an email announcement to everyone on my email list to let them know about the upcoming New York city visit of a British healer named Malcolm Smith. Malcolm is quite an extraordinary man. I’ve experienced his unusual gifts personally, and born witness to the experiences […]

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Less is More

Published on 06/29/2014

Hi Everyone, I’m writing this on a rainy Friday in New York city, early afternoon – the perfect time for a nap. Likely some of you will quiver at this mention. You may find naps unproductive, a waste of time, an inherent impediment to leading a meaningful and fruitful life. For those of you who […]

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Hi Everyone, It’s a rainy Saturday afternoon, and here I am, writing to you from cyberspace. As promised, my intention is to be interesting and empowering. Hoping you’ll find that what follows is both. Fear or faith, “dis” – ease or health. Are you in fear or are you in faith? Are you feeling well […]

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Welcome to my blog!

Published on 09/26/2012

Hi Everyone, Hoping you’ll find all that I share with you here in the days to come interesting and empowering. Whether you seek assistance and sustenance in areas of health, work, life path, relationships, finances, and/or spiritual concerns, I’ll be offering support for all aspects of your experience as a human being. Everything is connected.  […]

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