Workshops participants testimonials

“Dr. Muehsam has a very calming, soothing presence. She has a strong desire to really inform and teach the students alternate ways to bring balance, health, peace and harmony into their lives.”

Workshop testimonials - general comments

“Illustrated specific blocks I have right now I was unaware of. This has turned out to be extremely useful. Thanks so much….found your style very comforting.”

Workshop - Mind as Medicine

“I feel that I learned many things I can use in my life. The holding of the focus by you, Dr. Muehsam, gracefully and peacefully offered, put me in a quiet learning mode.”

Workshop testimonials - general comments

“Thank you for all your words of knowledge.”

Workshop testimonials - general comments

“I definitely learned things about myself and received tools to get through some of the blocks to my own fuller living.”

Purpose as Medicine


from workshop participants