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Upcoming International Book Tour


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Coming in 2019!

An international book tour, from the U.S.A. to Europe and Australia, celebrating the publication of Dr. Muehsam’s forthcoming book: At the Guest House: A Physician’s Tales, Teachings and Tools for Finding Your Way Home to Health.

It’s a teaching memoir detailing her experiences of illness and healing and other life challenges, as well as the mediums, mystics and miracle workers she’s met along her way. Dr. Muehsam offers readers a groundbreaking and compelling way to think about health and simple and effortless tools for experiencing it.

Hailed by Larry Dossey, M.D.:

“At the Guest House may be the only health-and-healing book you will ever need. In it, physician-researcher Patricia Muehsam guides us to the rock-bottom essence of health: peace of mind. Like all truly great teachers, Muehsam has ‘been there,’ and this fact lends a powerful genuineness and authenticity to this book. If you are tired of chasing one healing practice after another, enter Muehsam’s Guest House where you will discover that health consists of being and surrender, not doing and struggling.”

She’ll be reading excerpts from the book, and offering mini-workshops too, sharing the do-it-yourself tools she teaches in her book.

Stay tuned for more details!

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