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December 18, 2017 Share


Unscripted and spontaneous, Dr. Trish and Benjamin come to you from a hill in Central Park near the Lake, aka Venice in New York, and just a little way from the sailboat pond. It’s a rather mild December day.

Dr. Trish offers up one of her favorite topics: consciousness. And she muses “Just what if?….”

Just what if consciousness didn’t start at birth and end at death. What if consciousness is non-local, meaning it doesn’t reside in our bodies, or anywhere in us, for that matter.

What if an essential aspect of us remains when we die, when we leave our bodies. And what if an essential aspect of ourselves precedes our physical birth?

Crazy ideas to wrap our minds around? Such stuff as dreams are made on?

Well, as Dr. Trish explains, these notions have been fundamental to the ancient wisdom traditions, and now, modern science is beginning to chime in.

There’s a vast body of excellent scientific research supporting the veracity of all of these musings.

Dr. Trish closes with an offering: how might we live better, even die better, if we could wrap our minds around these ideas?

How might we find freedom from the fear of illness that is rampant nowadays, and the fear of dying and death? And that very fear can even make us ill and hasten our passing.

We would live better, we would die better, and we probably even be more likely to return to our bodies that depart, when faced with illness.

Freedom from fear. It’s a potent medicine for liberation from suffering, and even the best medicine for healing.


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