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Here’s a sampling of Dr. Muehsam’s workshop titles. She can customize her presentations for individual groups and organizations. To inquire about her workshops, click here.


The Power of Breath for Health and Well-Being

Finding Relief from Physical Pain: Do-It-Yourself Mindbody Medicine Tools

Healing: Finding Our Way Home to Well-Being

Spirituality, Health and Healing: How We Can Age Gracefully and Peacefully

Sickness and Healing: Navigating Illness and Finding A Path To Peace Amidst It All

The Answers Lie Within: Do-it-Yourself Mindbody Medicine Tools for Health and Well-Being

Lifestyle as Medicine: Simple Tools for Optimizing your Health

Journaling: Accessing Your Inner Wisdom for Self-Healing

Healing from the Inside Out: Accessing Life Force Energy for Self-Healing

Emotions and Well-being: How they Can Affect Your Health and What You Can Do About It

From Worry to Well-being: Do-It-Yourself Mindbody Medicine Tools for Stress Reduction

The Four Medicines: Food, Lifestyle, Community and Purpose

Perfect Body, Perfect Weight: A Mindbody Medicine Approach to Healing from Food, Eating, Body and Weight Struggles

Mindful Exercise: A Mindbody Approach to Exercise

Breathing: Ancient Wisdom Meets Modern Science – Simple Techniques for Getting Well and Staying Well

Food as Medicine

Living in Balance: How to Create a Healing Lifestyle

The Healing Power of Laughter

Introduction to Meditation

Being Here Now: Meditation and Mindfulness for Healing, Wellness and More

Freeing Your Inner Artist: Do-It-Yourself Tools for Healing from the Inside Out

Money and Your Health: Healing for Your Finances and Your Body

Becoming “Dis”-ease Free: 7 Steps in 7 Days to Greater Health in Just 3 Minutes a Day

Caring for Ourselves: Mindbody Medicine Tools for Caregivers

Healing the Healer: Self-Care Tools for Practitioners

Tools for Healing, Wellness and Living

Media interviews, readings and Dr. Trish’s guided audios for finding your way to ease in minutes, no matter what’s going on – health-wise or even otherwise.

Media interviews, conversations with friends, fellow practitioners and followers, and Dr. Trish’s Facebook vlogs and Youtube videos – tools, resources, wisdom and inspiration for well-being.

Dr. Trish’s writings on everything from nutrition to emotional healing to do-it-yourself energy medicine practices – more tools and inspiration for well-being.