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Early Career
Dr. Muehsam was a pioneer in the alternative medicine movement of the 1990s, as a practitioner, educator and research scientist.

In 1992, along with physicians Larry Dossey M.D., Deepak Chopra M.D. and James Gordon M.D., she was invited to participate in the congressionally mandated meetings that led to the formation of the Office of Alternative Medicine by the National Institutes of Health. She was a member of the Mind-Body Interventions panel that Dr. Dossey co-chaired.

Since then, Muehsam has been at the forefront of the evolution and change that has taken place in medicine today—a change that has mainstreamed many alternative and complementary medicine practices, a change that is offering individuals and communities powerful tools for navigating health and well-being, and a change that is beginning to alter Western medicine from the inside out.

Medical Education
In the mid-1990s, Dr. Muehsam founded the Association of American Medical Colleges’ first initiative for curriculum development in alternative and complementary medicine. Her efforts laid the groundwork for curriculum change at medical schools throughout the United States. She has presented nationally and internationally as an invited speaker on medical education.

Dr. Muehsam started The Mount Sinai School of Medicine’s first curriculum in alternative and complementary medicine. Local students, as well as students from medical schools throughout the United States and overseas, have  studied with Dr. Muehsam to learn about these practices and her unique approach to health and healing.   

Muehsam’s original laboratory research at The Mount Sinai School of Medicine, begun when she was a medical student, used the tools of bioelectromagnetics to study intention, the healer phenomenon, qigong and homeopathy. Trailblazing work at the time, Muehsam published in the peer-reviewed literature, and traveled nationally and internationally, presenting her findings at professional conferences. Since then, she has investigated trance medium, spiritual and psychic healing phenomena, as well as the links between consciousness and health. 

Dr. Muehsam’s Personal Story
Dr. Muehsam’s journey has been marked by both extraordinary personal challenges and extraordinary openings, all of which have informed her journey and have been inspiration for her professional activities.  

Her personal experiences of illness and healing that defied conventional Western medical thinking, as well as her bearing witness to the seemingly miraculous healings of others, were profound and formative teachers. They forever framed her understanding of consciousness, health, illness and healing in a new light, and led her to recognize the limits of Western medicine and the biomedical paradigm. They inspired her choice of medicine as her life’s work.

Her intention was, and still is, to serve as a bridge and catalyst for the development of an expanded healing paradigm, and as a conduit to new ways of knowing, understanding, and experiencing health and well-being.                  

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About Transformational MedicineTM
In 2008, Dr. Muehsam founded Transformational MedicineTM, an individualized and whole person approach to healing, wellness and living, offering individuals tools and resources for addressing not just health, but all aspects of one’s life—relationships, finances, life path, spiritual and/or metaphysical concerns—because everything is connected. 

Central themes of Dr. Muehsam’s work are self-empowerment, self-healing and the inherent and ubiquitous role of consciousness in all aspects of our lives. On health, she views illness or “dis”-ease as a signal from within, offering an opportunity for healing and growth on many levels. Healing and wellness extend far beyond the notion of fixing the physical body. Ultimately, health and well-being are a state of mind. 

Dr. Muehsam’s Services
Dr. Muehsam’s services include:  individual health and wellness services; workshops, teleseminars and webinars; retreatswritingspublic speakingconsulting and medical education.

Health and Wellness Services
Her health and wellness services include health consultations and mindbody healing sessions, and are available in person, via telephone and Skype.

Health Consultations combine her extensive knowledge with her intuitive abilities to develop an individualized healing plan for each client. Among the tools she uses are constitutional nutrition, herbal medicine, low dose biological therapies, homeopathy, acupuncture, electromagnetic device technologies, mindbody medicine techniques, energy medicine techniques such as EFT, yoga, meditation, pranayama, vibrionics, intention and lifestyle recommendations, as well as functional medicine digestive analysis.

Mindbody Healing Sessions are individualized, guided sessions using a variety of mindbody medicine and energy medicine tools to access one’s inner healing process and to release any blocks to doing so.

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Workshops, Teleseminars, Webinars
Dr. Muehsam offers workshops, teleseminars and webinars. Popular topics include Food as Medicine, Breathing, Meditation, Lifestyle as Medicine, Emotions and Health, Mindbody Medicine Tools for Pain Relief, and Journaling for Self-Healing. She can customize her presentations for individual groups and organizations. For more details, click here.

Dr. Muehsam offers health and wellness retreats worldwide, from the tropical beaches of the Caribbean to the palm-fringed coast of Cornwall, England, and at holistic retreat centers in the United States. For details about her upcoming retreats, click here.

Dr. Muehsam writes on topics related to healing, wellness and living. She is a regular contributor to Thrive Global,has written articles and blogged for The Epoch Times (see Writings), online health, wellness and spirituality sites, and  she blogs here  on her website. Stay tuned for her forthcoming book: Beyond Medicine: A Physician’s Revolutionary Prescription for Achieving Absolute Health and Finding Inner Peace. 
It’s a teaching memoir detailing her extraordinary experiences of illness and healing that defied conventional medical thinking, as well as the remarkable mediums, mystics and miracle workers she’s met along her way. She offers readers a groundbreaking and compelling new way to think about health, and simple and effortless tools for experiencing it.  

Public Speaking
Dr. Muehsam offers lectures and workshops for academia, professional, corporate, non-profit and general service organizations. Topics of her presentations include wellness in the workplace, alternative, complementary and integrative medicine, and how to incorporate these practices in workplace settings. She can customize her presentations for individual groups and organizations. To inquire about her public speaking services, click here.

Dr. Muehsam consults for academia, industry, professional, corporate, non-profits and general service organizations. Her expertise is in alternative, complementary and integrative medicine, and the application of these into clinical practice and in the workplace. To inquire about her consulting services,  click here

Medical Education
Dr. Muehsam offers courses, lectures and workshops for physicians, medical students and other health care practitioners. Topics of her presentations include alternative, complementary and integrative medicine, as well as practical tools for integrating them into clinical practice. An important theme of her teaching work is self-care for the practitioner. She offers and encourages experiences for her students that reflect her Transformational MedicineTM approach to healing, wellness and living. To inquire about these offerings,  click here.

Dr. Muehsam’s Personal Journey
Dr. Muehsam’s personal story has played a huge role in the professional path that she has taken.

She is the fifth generation of physicians on her father’s side, who was a German Jewish holocaust survivor and cardiologist. During her medical training, she bore witness to her father’s seemingly miraculous cure from a catastrophic stroke that he had 18 years earlier. It was a cure that defied conventional medical thinking.

Later on, from her early 20s through her 40s, she journeyed through a number of life-challenging health issues. She explored many different healing systems and approaches. Amongst them were traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture, Ayurveda, yoga, meditation, mindbody medicine practices, homeopathy, electromagnetic device technologies, energy medicine practices including EFT, body-centered healing practices, and spiritual healing. Her subsequent recovery and healing defied conventional medical thinking as well. Learning to heal herself was a crucial stepping stone towards her understanding more deeply the possibilities for and nature of healing.

One constant in her life has been music—offering healing and inspiration, comfort and communion. She learned piano, flute and singing as a young child, and did a double major in music and science/philosophy of science in college. Her recent musical activities include solo and group vocal jazz, gospel, and choral music of all the classical genres, from Early Medieval to Baroque, to Twentieth Century. She performs with various groups at venues in the New York City area.

Overarching themes in both Dr. Muehsam’s professional practice and in her personal life are the importance of mindfulness and presence, of play and ease, and of compassion for self. A sense of connection to both nature and to the ineffable spiritual realms are also vital for her.

Dr. Muehsam’s Life Today
Dr. Muehsam lives in New York City. She is sister to a dear and wonderful brother David, whose work as a physicist and neuroscientist parallels her abiding interests in consciousness and healing, and “mom” to an eternal puppy, an adopted Golden Retriever named Benjamin. She relishes time in the urban oasis of Central Park, and in addition to nature and the play of puppies, continues to keep music close. Nowadays, she mostly sings. All of it—her personal life, her delights, her predilections and hobbies—reflects her desire to live fully what she teaches, to live fully in the present moment.

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