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from patients

“It is hard to put into words what a profound impact my work with Dr. Trish Muehsam has had on my life.

She has helped me navigate issues of anxiety, infertility and the deep grief that came from losing my mother. With her incredible breadth of knowledge of both Western and Eastern medical traditions, she helped me to start healing myself both emotionally and physically.

She has given me a host of self-healing tools and introduced me to a mind/body paradigm that has changed my outlook on my emotional and physical health. But more than anything, Dr. Muehsam has helped me to once again trust the universe and the process of life.

I cannot recommend her or her work highly enough.”


“I have had the pleasure of knowing Dr. Trish Muehsam for many years. She brilliantly combines Eastern and Western medicine in her practice. She shares her wisdom and kindness in just the right way. You feel as though she is your friend and she understands you. You read her thoughts, her advice, and it all makes sense.

Over the years I’ve emailed, scheduled phone calls and have met with ” Dr. Trish.” I read and often re-read her blogs. They are enormously helpful to me.”


“I feel incredibly blessed to have been led to Dr. Trish Muehsam. Being the daughter of a physician and a former fitness instructor myself, I thought I knew all there was to know about health and healing.

I always tried eating “healthy” and exercising. I’d gone for acupuncture and to the chiropractor now and then. I practiced yoga, etc. etc. But without guidance – without considering the bigger picture of true wellness – I still was not able to find relief from my suffering. After struggling with symptoms for over 15 years, often ending up in the hospital emergency room, with no answers from a wide variety of doctors, I decided to look beyond traditional Western medicine for help.

Dr. Muehsam is an MD as well, and her approach and philosophy are truly holistic. My life completely turned around after working with her. And not just physically. All aspects of my life improved dramatically. I’ve never felt better, healthier, or happier about my health, my career, and my relationships. She is a gifted healer who respects your journey and how far into healing you want to go.

I consider her a wonderful coach, a spiritual guide, and a genuine guru.”


from workshop participants

“Appreciate your sincerity and genuine interest in making the experience a beneficial one for participants. Your dedication is heartfelt. That makes all the difference in the experience and beneficial impact and insights. Thank you!”

Mind as Medicine

“Her methods, and outlines for teaching are effective, relevant and organized – still allowing time for student feedback and discussion.”

Food as Medicine

“Thank you for this splendid opportunity to grow in my wisdom!”

Purpose as Medicine

“Thank you so much. I am inspired. I am moved. I am drawn to deep reflection. Thank you.”

Lifestyle as Medicine

“I took this workshop to learn from a great teacher.”

Lifestyle as Medicine

“I am truly grateful for you in my life.”

Purpose as Medicine

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