Guided Audios for Health and Well-Being

Breathing Your Way to Peace of Mind in 4 Minutes

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This is a short (4″) guided audio to peace of mind. It’s the path to finding your way within – the first step to dissolving difficulties, healing yourself and transforming your life. The breath is the most simple, powerful and fastest do-it-yourself tool that we have for healing all that ails us, health-wise and even otherwise. ENJOY!

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Here’s the playlist of the 5 Absolute Health tools.

About Absolute Health:  it’s simply peace of mind, and it’s a stop, a pause, and a breath away. It’s available to you in this very moment. When you stop to be. To be here now.

Peace of mind is your essential nature. The way you were born to be. It’s the state of mind that you need to be in to heal from whatever ails you, health-wise and otherwise, and to shift circumstances and situations in your life. It’s from this place of Absolute Health, of inner peace, that healing happens. It’s from this place of peace, that clarity, solutions, and effortless, inspired action arises. And we cultivate this place of peace by being. Not doing.

            The five Absolute Health tools can help you to do just that. They’re tools for cultivating self-awareness, for being here now, for being present with what is. They are:

·      Breathing

·      Mindfulness and Meditation

·      Journaling

·      Mirror work

·      Mind-Body Sensing

            Each one of these tools can bring you to that place of Absolute Health, to peace of mind. Quite swiftly, in just minutes. They will change your mind, they will change your brain, they will change your body.