Just Stop Trying….And see what happens!

Dr. Trish and Mr. B, from the Ramble in Central Park, on a brisk, sunny Thursday in February….

Dr. Trish offers up some wisdom on the power of letting go, of releasing our effort, of stopping trying to change circumstances and situations in our lives.

Rather, it’s through our experience of the present moment, of finding the peace and stillness there, that we can be moved to action, effortlessly. Without trying.

Whatever is going on in your life, whether it’s a health issue, a relationship challenge, concern for a loved one, financial issues, or anything else — the path to shifting whatever is going on will come with ease, when you stop, pause, and surrender to the present moment.

This is where you’ll find peace within, and all that’s needed, all the answers, and clarity around any actions to take.

Dr. Trish offers up a short breathing exercise for you to experience just that.