braco onyx

Braco, whose gaze appears to be a conduit to healing and transformation for many.

Hi Everyone,

I’m writing to share with you a healing resource that I’ve been using for myself for sometime now: the streaming gaze of Braco.

Braco is a Croatian man who goes by the singular name of “Braco,” pronounced “Brah – tsoh.” He’s been described as a “healer,” who by the power of his gaze, can transit energy, or information, to those who gaze back at him. And this energy, or information, appears to have the ability, for some people, to heal illness and to transform situations and circumstances in their lives.

In the past, Braco used to gaze in person only, to groups large and small. Now, he gazes over the Internet, streaming live.

If all of this seems implausible, I encourage you to read on to learn more. And perhaps to consider a gazing experience yourself. At the end of this post, there’s a link with more details on how to do so.

First, a little background on healing, my personal experiences and thoughts on it all
If you’re familiar with my work, you know that key themes of what I do are self-empowerment and self-healing – that the answers lie within in each and every one of us, and that we’re our own and best healer. My work is all about offering tools and resources for accessing and turning on our inner healer. And that most potent inner healer of ours is our healer for whatever’s ailing us – health-wise and even otherwise – e.g., situations and circumstances in our lives.

Yet, at times, finding that inner healer can feel challenging. Not easy. A huge leap of faith. We definitely can use a little help from others.

So, keeping these notions in mind, just what about “healers”?

Perhaps it seems contrary to seek someone outside of ourselves to heal what ails us, if the answers lie within. I’ll offer that in fact, no one cures or heals us. Rather, the truest healers help us to access and turn on our inner healer. They are conduits to the healing of what ails us – merely tools and resources for accessing that healer within.

For more musings on healing and healers, here’s the link to my blog post: On Healers and Healing.

And some personal reflections on the seemingly implausible: years ago, when I was a medical student, I brought “healers” (Qi Gong practitioners) into a bioelectromagnetics laboratory. I had the practitioners interact with a chemical reaction at a distance, instructing them to treat the reaction as if it were a patient. Long story short: they were able to affect the rate of the chemical reaction. And regarding the science of it all: to date, a significant body of research exists, most notably by scientists – physicists and engineers – exploring the connection between thoughts, intentions, and the material world, and the phenomenon of distance healing.

Bottom line: the actions of “healers” are simply thoughts and intentions in action. And these thoughts and intentions “travel” through space and can impact the material world, ourselves, our health, and even the situations and circumstances in our lives. Scientific studies have clearly established the veracity of these notions.

Getting back to Braco: Braco’s gazing is one such example of thoughts and intentions in action. He, too, has been the subject of scientific investigations by physicists, engineers and physicians alike, curious to explore the nature of his gazing phenomenon.

People who’ve experienced Braco’s gaze have had complete cures of illnesses Western medicine deemed incurable; healing of emotional states such as anxiety and depression; positive and often complete shifts in situations and circumstances, ranging from relationship challenges and financial difficulties to life path issues. And more. But not everyone experiences something. Some people experience nothing, as I did, the very first few times I gazed back at Braco.)

He’s a humble man. His live streaming is offered free of charge. He does not accept fees for his services. When he gazes in public, it’s for a very nominal fee – just what the organizers need to assemble the gathering.

If you’d like to read more about Braco, and to experience his gaze: About Braco.

As always, I hope you find my musings interesting and helpful. And, as always, I welcome your feedback.

Yours in service of healing, wellness and living,

Dr. Trish