The big “C” word. It can conjure up so many intense feelings. Especially fear. And when we’re in fear, it’s impossible to heal.Here are some thoughts on it all and some wonderful resources if you or anyone you know is in need….As many of you know, I’m a physician who’s also been a patient. What follows reflects my journeys as both. 

First, please check out Gary Ramsey‘s book Bliss: One Hero’s Journey, about Gary’s healing from a cancer diagnosis that he could “die at any minute.” Gary’s page: His book:

Gary’s mission and passion are to support people who may be facing just such a diagnosis. He’s very accessible and you can reach out to him to dialogue. Of note: he went to a clinic called “Sanoviv,”” where his healing happened. Here’s the link to that clinic: It’s an unusual place, truly, a “whole person approach to healing.” don’t get any kudos for mentioning Sanoviv. Just wanting to mention this one particular place that with a uniquely different approach to health and well-being from what I was taught. There are many others, as well.)

Gary and I recently did a 4 part interview series: “Healing Cancer: Freedom from Fear.” In it he describes his journey through that diagnosis, to the clinic, to where he is today. Here’s a link to the series:

Also, check out Anita Moorjani’s story and work—she had stage 4 cancer, was literally at death’s door, and had an NDE (“near death experience”) while in a coma, and a healing that defied conventional medical thinking. Anita’s page:

As a physician, I can tell you that all diseases are theoretically curable, even ones that Western medicine deems otherwise. I’ve personally experienced healings that defied conventional medical thinking, and I have born witness to that in others. However, all that being said—and what I am about to write may not sit well—but we are all going to die, we all leave our bodies. A particular healing may not be our destiny. But if we can find freedom from the fear we may have about illness, dying and death, and find a path to peace of mind around it all, it’s actually this state of mind that we need to be in for healing to happen. 

And about healing: Healing may be a return to the body. Or it may be a departure from it. But it always brings us home to peace of mind. And it’s actually from that state of mind that healing happens.

If you’re curious to read a bit more about fear, consciousness, healing, and news ways of thinking about it all, ways that can help to facilitate healing, check out my little piece “On Consciousness.”

Finally, several last thoughts: I’m not advocating any particular path for healing. Whatever path one choices, it has to be the way that feels right. And we find that feel right way by going within, by listening to our inner voice when we can get still, quiet and peaceful. Ultimately, all “medicines” can heal, no matter their form, their mode, their mechanism. Even conventional Western medicine.

Hope all of this was helpful. Please feel free to dialogue with me further. Post a comment or reach out directly from the contact form on the site. My mission is to offer tools, resources, support and community for healing, wellness and living, and I’m happy to be of assistance in any way that I can.

As always, yours in service,

Dr. Trish