Dr. Trish and Benjamin visit with you from Benjamin’s favorite perch in Central Park, on a crisp and sunny December morning. You’ll have glimpses of their view of the Lake from the Ramble, also known as Venice in New York.

Take a peek and listen in, while Dr. Trish offers up the ancient wisdom, now supported by much good modern science, on the power of our minds.

She explains how our thoughts are either supporting our well-being or supporting “dis”-ease. What we think and feel affects us, and instantaneously so. Our thoughts and feelings affect our physical bodies, and instantaneously so. Our thoughts and our feelings affect all aspects of our lives, and instantaneously so.

And if we’re suffering in any way, with health issues, with challenges in any area of our lives – relationships, work, life path – we can find liberation by changing our minds. By shifting thoughts and feelings. And we can shift thoughts and feelings in an instant.

The path to Absolute Health, to peace of mind, and to healing all that ails us, health-wise and even otherwise, lies in the very moment.

Dr. Trish explains the how’s and the why’s of it all, and treats you to a simple guided breathing technique to experience just that – the power of the present moment to change your mind, to heal your body, to transform your life.

It’s simply a stop, a pause, and a breath away.