A child meditating

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been checking out short, guided meditations for relaxation, reducing anxiety, improving sleep, supporting healing, and, well, just generally supporting well-being….Meditation can facilitate all of that!

If you haven’t read my posts on meditation, I’ll just mention briefly that it’s the most powerful do-it-yourself tool that we have to create lasting changes in how we think and feel and how we respond to stressors in our lives. And it can impact positively affect all aspects of our lives, health-wise and even otherwise.

It does all of that by creating lasting changes in the neural pathways in our brain, by enhancing immune function, by turning on the parasympathetic nervous system—that’s the system that’s needed for rest, repair, rejuvenation and healing—and more.

(And if you want to read my post on meditation, here’s the link:

Full confession: I’m a meditator. It’s changed my life. And it continues to move me from a place of “dis”-ease to ease, if I’m ever feeling off. It gives me clarity. It offers up solutions. And it’s inspires new perspectives. It just makes me feel good. And it’s by sitting and being, not doing, that I get all of that. Just good stuff.

Here’s a link to a REALLY SHORT—ONE MINUTE!—guided meditation. Do check it out!

As always, yours in service,

Dr. Trish