As we journey into a new year, I’m here to share with you my newest offerings and upcoming events—new tools and resources, new collaborations—all for navigating your life with ease, joy and peace! And for finding a path to health and well-being, no matter what’s going on!

This post is a bit longer than usual—hoping you can read to the end, where you’ll get to see my very short and amusing, upside down video with my trusty canine companion and wise spiritual advisor, Mr. Benjamin! In it, I offer a simple breathing exercise for finding peace in a moment!

First, I’ve got a NEW WEBSITE! Lots of tools and resources there: audios, videos (often with rock-star Benjamin in attendance!) e-books, writings, my blog and more….Click here to check it out.

And for an uplifting and inspiring VIDEO SERIES ON HEALING FROM CANCER, stay tuned for: Healing Cancer, Freedom from Fear,” a 4 part video series with Gary Ramsey, who has an extraordinary story to tell about his healing from a cancer diagnosis that he could “die at any minute.” For a spoiler alert, you can learn more about Gary and check out his inspirational memoir, “Bliss: One Hero’s Journey” here.

Next, I’m excited to announce my COLLABORATION with an amazing community of inspired and enlightened individuals: JOY UNDILUTED.

Here’s their mission: “To help others achieve greater joy on their journey through life. Sharing all that is positive and possible in regard to the mind, body and soul, while enhancing personal connections with others. We will thoughtfully and intentionally provide valuable, helpful and relevant insight and information on all things related to achieving authentic happiness and a deeper, more meaningful life.”

I’m their resident “MindBodySpirit Medical Doctor” and I’m sharing content there (writings, audios, videos and more), doing video interviews, and offering lots of tools and resources for living a life of UNDILUTED JOY!

Do check them out and be part of the community! Here are links to their website and Facebook page!

And speaking of community, if you’re a Facebook person and haven’t checked out my Facebook page, please follow me there! You’ll find resources, support, events, dialogue and more community!


“Your Answers Lie Within—Do-It-Yourself Mindbody MedicineTools for Healing Wellness and Living.” You can participate from the comfort of your own home, even in your pajamas! And if you can’t attend, they’re always recorded. Be on the lookout for my monthly email notices!

And I continue to offer individual HEALTH CONSULTATIONS and MINDBODY HEALING SESSIONS. I do these in person, via telephone and Skype. For those of you in the New York city area, I make house calls—accompanied by Benjamin, if you like! Click here for more details.

WELLNESS WORKSHOPS—I offer these in the New York city area, from “Mindfulness and Meditation” to “Food as Medicine” to “Mindbody Medicine Tools for Healing Physical Pain”—and lots in between! Click here for a complete list of titles. Stay tuned for email announcements! And if you’re interested in a custom-designed, small group workshop in the comfort of your own home, or even in your workplace, contact me here.

A NEW WRITING PROJECT. I’m working on a book: At the Guest House: A Physician’s Tales, Teachings and Tools for Finding Your Way Home to Health. Inspired by Rumi’s poem “The Guest House,” it’s a teaching memoir, detailing my personal experiences of illness and healing and other life challenges, as well as the mediums, mystics and miracle workers I’ve met along my way. I offer readers a groundbreaking and compelling way to think about health, and simple and effortless tools for experiencing it….It’s in its final stages and I hope to have it on the printed page very soon! (And as an e-book and audio-book, too!)

Finally, for my amusing, upside down, very short video offering “HOW TO FIND PEACE IN A MOMENT—UPSIDE DOWN, LEGS UP THE WALL!” click here.

In closing, I want to thank everyone who connects with me here and in person. I’m ever so grateful for your interest in and support of all that I do—it’s such wonderful fuel for my journey!

Wishing you a 2019 filled with light, love, ease, joy and peace….And know that a life of light, love, ease, joy and peace, is literally, a stop, a pause and a breath away. Do journey with me to experience just that!

With big gratitude and many blessings, yours in service of healing, wellness and living,

Dr. Trish