Reflections on a New Year

Floating water lily and pad

Hi Everyone,

Just a few thoughts on our entrance into 2016.  Hoping these can be interesting and helpful to you.

As I’ve been reflecting on the eve of the New Year, I’m taking pause to be a little gentler, a little softer, a little easier on myself.  And I offer you the suggestion to do the same.

We’re often exhorted by both the internal and the external  to make resolutions, to take stock, to reflect, to proffer of letting go of the old and beginning anew. And that’s all good. And it all can be so very supportive, so powerful and transformative.

But at the same time, there can be a critical self that’s at play here, implying that we’re not okay the way we are, that we have to change, that things have to change, for us to be okay, for anything and everything to be okay. For us to be at peace.

Here’s my New Year’s suggestion: take pause to be in this moment, in this very moment, as you read this.

And after you read this, stop.
Stop to pause. To breathe.

Just breathe.

Inhale deeply into your belly, letting it expand all the way around to your lower back and down to where your legs meet your trunk.

Then exhale with an open mouth and a sigh. And again. And several more times.

And know that you’re perfectly okay now. Just the way you are.

Wishing you a wonderful entrance into 2016.

As always, yours in service of healing, wellness and living,

Dr. Muehsam