Reflections on Mother’s Day….

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Hi Everyone,

I’m writing this on a sunny Mother’s Day in New York City, wishing to all of you who are mothers, a very special day.  And for those of you who are not, a very special day, as well.

Hoping that what follows can be helpful to you on your journey: it’s about how you really do and can affect your own health and well being.

For eons, modern medicine has held that our genes control our destiny, and are the fundamental root cause of whatever happens to us, psyche and soma.

Yet, for eons, prior to modern medicine’s entrance into our dynamic lives, ancient wisdom has held otherwise.

Now, modern science is proving our genetic beliefs to be incorrect, and in fact, supporting the truths of ancient wisdom.

Here’s what we’ve come to learn, via the fields of epigenetics and neuroscience:

  • Our thoughts and emotions affect our physical health, and instantaneously so.
  • Unresolved or “repressed” emotions affect our physical health, and instantaneously so.
  • We CAN change our physical health, and instantaneously so, by practices and techniques that address our thoughts and emotions.

These techniques are simple and accessible and completely available to you, now.  Breathing is one of them.  Meditation another. Others are techniques that can enable emotional healing; some you can do on your own, others with the support of a practitioner.

Modern science has shown that these techniques can, just to name a few:

  • Affect gene expression (what the genes actually do), for example, genes that control aging.
  • Affect neuroplasticity in the brain (literally, changes in the brain’s grey and white natter).
  • Affect physiologic parameters in the blood, neurochemicals in the brain, that support healing, repair, rejuvenation.

So, nothing is only “all in our head” – everything in our minds, our thoughts, our emotions, is in our bodies, too.

I’ll share the following brief piece, written by Dr. Rudolph Tanzi PhD, a Harvard neuroscientist, and Deepak Chopra MD, a pioneer in mind-body medicine, that details a little bit more. Here’s the link.

Finally, a personal share: the essence of my work as a physician, after years of learning from my patients and via my own personal journey and my “health opportunities”  along the way, is about healing from the inside out. Healing via allowing, with gentleness and without judgment, all that we are, including what we think and what we feel.  And, then, using simple techniques to shift these, when they may be causing us discomfort, or literally, “dis”-ease.

And the most wonderful “side effect” is peace.  Peace of mind, and peace of body. It’s simple, it’s easy, and it’s  available to you now, in this very moment. It’s literally, only a breath away.

Hoping this was helpful.  As always, I welcome your feedback.

Yours in the service of healing, on all levels, in all ways,

Dr. Muehsam